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Creative Working

About Us

For our customers, this means helping them find the right products that can relieve pain, make them feel comfortable and confident, and allow them to return to what they are doing before experiencing any discomfort. Returning to life may mean taking the first step in the morning without pain, or walking your dog without hurting your knee, or riding a 5-mile bicycle. Everyone’s situation is different, and each customer’s unique situation is equally important to us.

For our employees, this means providing them with the tools they need to complete their work effectively and efficiently, and automating processes that should be done by computers. We respect people’s personal freedom and provide flexibility, so our team members can spend time with their families, prioritizing health and well-being, and pursuing their passions and hobbies. Our group of hardworking Midwesterners is motivated to help people and make a difference, and we will never stop trying to improve our products, processes and customer service.

Meet The Team

Ashley Jones

Tech Lead

Kevin Nye

HR Lead

Tess Brown

Office Manager

Alex Young

Customer Support Lead

Operations Team

The operations team deals with all aspects relating to product quality, inventory, and money. They ensure that our products match the standards our customers expect. The operations team also keeps our company up and running!

Marketing Team

Do you ever wonder who the people are behind our content? It’s our marketing team! They do everything from writing blog posts, making videos and maintaining our social media!  

Customer Care Team

Our customer care representative’s main responsibility is to assist in solving any issues you may be dealing with. Sometimes things don’t go as planned - our representatives are there to fix it. If you have an issue, or if you're bored and want to chat, feel free to call us at +1 720 - (543) - 3478 to speak to Janet, Tara or Jim over the phone!

Product Design Team

Our team of product designers is constantly striving to improve the comfort, fit, and function of existing products, and invent new products for common ailments. Their days are spent reading product reviews, cutting, sewing, experimenting with new materials, testing new product prototypes, and measuring people for sizing studies. They take customer feedback very seriously, as it is crucial to the product development process. 

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